About JAMT

JAMT is a non-profit medical translation organization that specializes in the cancer field.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide people in Japan with comprehensive cancer information by translating medical research from English publications into Japanese. Because Japanese cancer patients, and often their healthcare providers, face a language barrier that limits their access to cancer research and treatment information. We seek to improve chronic shortages of medical translation within the Japanese community of cancer patients and professionals.

A little about us

In 2004, JAMT was established by a caregiver who lost her brother-in-law to cancer.

Her efforts on behalf of patients with cancer garnered the support of involved medical doctors and healthcare providers.

In 2009, we became incorporated. Now, we have become a group of approximately 180 members, including medical translators, supervisors, and staff. (as of 2019)

We also hope to contribute to empowering all cancer survivors as well as to improve the medical literacy of Japanese society. We are ready to help global activities of cancer patient groups by supporting English-Japanese communication.

JAMT is a non-profit organization. We welcome all donations from companies, organizations, or individuals to support our mission. Or we could do translation for a fee.

Our volunteer work

We provide the website ”Cancer Info Translation References” which shows the latest evidence-based cancer research in Japanese.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive cancer information to the Japanese people. Our goal is to contribute to the provision and support of medical information in the Japanese cancer patient and professional community.

Our volunteer translators and supervisors help us provide reliable and understandable cancer information for those in need.


Board Members: Profile

Email:               info@jamt-cancer.org

Website:                Cancer Info Translation References

Donations:            Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sengawa-branch No. 0072693

                             Japan Association of Medical Translation

Please walk with us for cancer survivors and healthcare providers to fight against cancer.